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Les Burgers

Our burgers with Italian flavors

The bread comes every morning from our artisan baker.
The beef is fresh and of French origin! Cooked according to your choice, from raw to sole. 

The sauces are homemade! Concocted by our two madmen, they generously garnish your Burgers... 

With us, no bacon but Speck Crispy and on the cheese side, a matured cheddar and a nice selection of Italian cheeses.  




All our burgers come with delicious herb-roasted new potatoes.


Le Smash

150 g ground beef, Kitch'Gourmet burger sauce, roasted tomato, arugula, onion confit and pickle.

11,50 €

L’Oncle Sam

150 g ground beef, Kitch'Gourmet burger sauce, aged cheddar, roasted tomato, arugula, onion confit and gherkin.

12,50 €

Le Big Brother

150 g ground beef, Kitch'Gourmet burger sauce, arugula, aged cheddar, crispy speck, roasted tomato, onion confit and pickle.

13,50 €

Le Petit New Yorkais

150 g ground beef, smoked barbecue sauce, aged cheddar, oil and shavings of truffles, roasted tomato and onion confit.

14,50 €


150 g ground beef, truffle cream, half burratina, fresh mushrooms, arugula, chives, oil and truffle shavings.

14,90 €

Il Diavolo

150 g ground beef, crispy spianata, cream of roasted peppers and 'nduja (Calabrian hot sausage), half burratina, roasted tomato, arugula, onion confit, basil.

14,50 €

Oh my Goat B

150 g ground beef, goat cheese, sundried tomato cream, roasted tomato, arugula, honey, pine nuts.

13,50 €

Le Pecorino

150 g ground beef, pecorino cream with basil, pecorino, grilled pepper, roasted tomato, capers, arugula and basil.

13,50 €

Le Gorgon

150 g ground beef, gorgonzola cream, gorgonzola, crispy speck, slivers of almonds, roasted tomato and pear compote.

14,50 €

Le Cheesus 2.0

150 g ground beef, taleggio, flower honey, truffle oil and shavings, roasted tomato, arugula, walnuts.

14,90 €

Pistadelle B

150 g ground beef, pistachio mayonnaise, mortadella stracciatella, pistachio pesto and pistachio chips, roasted tomato, basil.

13,90 €

Ti Amo

150 g ground beef, confit tomato cream, half burratina, 18-month-old Parma ham, parmesan shavings, arugula, roasted tomato and onion confit.

14,50 €

Dolce Salato

150 g ground beef, candied tomato mayonnaise, crispy speck, scamorza, fried onions, fig chutney, roasted tomato,
arugula and basil.

14,50 €

Le Vegetariano

100 g vegan patie, pecorino cream with basil, grated and melted pecorino, bell pepper, zucchini, roasted tomato, arugula, basil and fried onions.

13,50 €

Because the customer is always king

  • Extra fried egg      €1

  • Extra cheese      €1

  • Extra oil and truffle shavings     2 €

  • Extra meat      3 €

  • Extra grilled potatoes with herbs     3 €

  • Extra grilled potatoes, almonds and gorgonzola cream     4 €

  • Extra grilled potatoes and its melted cheddar      4 €

  • Extra grilled potatoes, spring onions, parmesan, shavings and truffle oil     5 €

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