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Les Dolci

A sweet treat after your meal, or simply a sweet tooth?
Classic or revisited Italian desserts, sweet pizzas or our original specialties.
Treat yourself!

Tiramisu il classico

4,50 €

Tiramisu cookie Nutella

5 €

Tiramisu caramel beurre salé

5 €

Finger Nutella

Sweet pizza dough sticks, Nutella, hazelnut chips.

6 €

Finger pistacchio

Sweet pizza dough sticks, homemade pistachio cream, pistachio chips.

6 €

Pizza Nutella

6 €

"comme j’aime"

Custard base, Nutella, broken cookies, Kinder Bueno. 

8,90 €

Pizza light

Custard, kit kat ball, white and milk kit kat.

9,50 €

La tatie Danièle
(notre pizza tatin revisitée) 

Crème caramel, caramelized apples, speculoos chips and mascarpone cream.

9,50 €

La limon
(our lemon meringue)

Sicilian lemon cream, meringues, broken homemade crumble dough

9,50 €

La banana

Custard, homemade salted butter caramel, all-butter Breton shortbread, banana. 

9,50 €
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